Stall holder’s information. 

We feel that too many stall holders displaying the same items at an event doesn't seem fair to either stall holder or customer. It's our policy to have as wide a range of crafts/therapies as possible and we only accept one trader for each type of branded goods.

  We try not to book too many therapists doing the same thing as we feel it's unfair to have them in direct competition with each other. So booking for the event is on a first come basis.
The system we have found to work best for our events is one where: we book a practitioner as the main therapist for a particular therapy. Then the other practitioners, if they can do that therapy, cover if that practitioner is busy. 

     We apologise and hope you understand if this means we don't offer you a table at a certain event.

Our usual table charge is £10 but this may have to rise a little if the venue hire is particularly expensive.

Tables are usually available and are normally 6ft x 2ft.  The organisers allocate table placings for the events. At some venues table sizes can vary between stall holders, we apologise but this is out of our control and is a case of luck of the draw,as when allocating prior to the event we have no idea where the different size tables may have been placed. If you would prefer to bring your own table please ask as this is usually acceptable.

If a raffle or Tombola is being organised we will request a raffle prize of your choice ie a bottle of wine or chocolates is fine, it doesn't have to be from your stall.

Any other donations from stall holders are purely voluntary.


Whenever possible we hire the kitchen for refreshments, then a charity/organisation will be invited to run it in return for any monies raised, if any of the stall holders would like to contribute some food for that day it would be greatly appreciated by the charity involved.

We have a booking form which needs to be filled in and returned: we need it for our records and to ensure, when planning the event, you get the requirements you need. It includes a section on insurance for our information. Stall holders selling food and the Therapy Practitioners need to have the appropriate insurance/certification please.

Only your first form requires your full personal details for our records, any following forms you only need to put your event requirements and any changes to your details so we can update our records.

When you receive the booking form it means you have an allocated table, so we would be very grateful if you could inform us if you can't attend, then we can reallocate that table. It will save us a lot of time and effort contacting stall holders who haven't responded and allows us more time to find a replacement.

Stall holders can pay by cash, cheque or pay-pal. The booking form is designed to be filled in online, by deleting the full stops and typing in their place, it can then be emailed back.


The table is confirmed on receipt of the money and we prefer all table money be paid prior to the date of the event. A confirmation email is sent on receipt of payment. We do send emails to remind people when the payment due date is pending, but if we get no response we will email again to inform that person the table is being offered to someone on our waiting list.

If anyone already confirmed has to cancel, their table money will be refunded if we can re-allocate the table.

 If you have to cancel at short notice, ie the day of the event. Could you text Carol please on 07761256542 as we have 'iffy' access to the internet once we leave home.

Charities who book a table may be asked for a deposit of £10 on booking, this will be returned to them on the day. However if they don’t attend, the deposit will be forfeit. Cancellation will be refunded as above.


Details of setup times and parking facilities for the venue are on a separate information letter which we email just prior to the event.

Stall holders can check out forthcoming events and if interested, email us so we can pencil them in. This will give you first refusal when we contact you prior to the event. If we have too many of a particular stall,we will get back to you to discuss options. At small venues this may be the only way you can guarantee a table as when we send the booking forms out we do them in the date order we were notified, if someone is no longer available we move to the next date.

In future we will send out the booking forms approx. 12-6 weeks prior to an event, or earlier if the stall holders request one, please return asap or contact us if you need more time.



We would like to request that you come prepared to remain for the designated event times. They have been advertised and if people come within these times to find stall holders absent, it reflects poorly on us all.

As stall holders ourselves we appreciate it is frustrating when attendance is poor, however at a recent event the volunteers taking donations received complaints from the public, because the event was obviously closing up 40 minutes earlier than the advertised finish time.This is unfair on them and they found it upsetting. As event organisers we want to gain a reputation for putting on successful events that encourage people to attend. Should we have a particularly poor event please come and see us, we are happy to discuss options.

                             Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Thank you


 Carol Dove




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