designated charity for October 2012 / Nov 2013/18 now  attends  events                                                                                                                                                          when possible                                                                                                                                                                          

    FOSS- friends of southglos strays  - assisting the stray dogs of southglos;                                                                                                                                                  based in Westerleigh.                                                              designated charity for March 2013. 

   animal sanctuary, based in Barrow Gurney.

  based in Yate cares particularly for small animals;                                    designated charity for May/ July 2013 

  also runs a wildlife rescue;                                                                                  designated charity for June 2013

  Emergency and re-homing animal organisation                      local charity

  Rescue and re-homing of cats; based in Bishopston, Bristol              southglos

working for wild birds of prey and their habitat    Bristol                                                  our designatd charity for April 2013

 UK Charity for deafblind adults and children                                                            our designated charity for October 2013

Bristol League for Cats                            -   search for second chance parrot rescue UK

Second Chance Parrot Rescue UK take in abandoned and unwanted Parrots of all species. 

Their web site offers free advise on parrot care.                                                   designated charity for August  2013

Small organisation which rescues and re-homes dog, cats and other pets. Based in Gloucester

    http://www,                                                       designated charity for March 2014 on behalf of Iris-May

     Funds primary bone cancer research plus research into Ollier's Disease                                                                                        attends many of our events since Sept 2014

  Check out their web site for more information on domestic abuse and violence.  They aim to raise awareness,      help prevention and provide support and recovery.                                                                      designated charity for November 2014

  Formed in 1991 at Frenchay Hospital; by patients for patients. Now the major funding partner for Southmead  Breast Care Center.                                                                                  designated charity for November 2015/2018

 The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Forty Years of Type 1 Diabetes research. World Diabetes Day falls in   November                                                               designated charity for March 2015

  The UK's  leading charity committed to improving the emotional well being and mental health of children and      young people.     a local charity, unable to attend events unfortunately.

                                           Started March 2009, based in Old Market Bristol.  Helps people from all walks of life back into work, giving them    the opportunity to earn an honest wage. Offers aid, support, information; a training centre                                                                                                        with courses and  groups; community Internet cafe


                                                      kindly organised the refreshments for many of our events in 2014/15 and since                                                                         then the November events each year. Attends other events when able to.     

Viaduct Animal Sanctuary                       

                                                 designated charity and refreshments for May 2016, now does the refreshments for the                                                                  some of the events.                                                                                                                          


 greyhound and  lurcher rescue      

                                                                                                                   designated charity for Nov 2016




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