The latest developments

Due to personal commitments Denise has now withdrawn from Bullfish.

Friends are helping out with the advertising and Susanne Wright, Carol's partner in Duvrite Crafts, has  become more involved.

 About Us

Carol Dove

I'm a retired registered nurse, I worked in health care for 42 years, finally retiring in 2010. I now design and make unique jewellery plus other crafts - card making, crochet, cross stitch. Susanne and I sell under the name 'Duvrite Crafts', she makes beautiful stained glass.  My husband is an umpire and spends most Saturdays of the season on the cricket field, so I don't have to feel guilty about leaving him to attend craft events; also means he's not often available to come along, but hey, you can't have it all.

Heather Grinter

I have been a Phoenix Trader for 5 years, before that I cleaned people's houses, worked in a Solicitor's office and was a Mother's Help/Nanny; however in all the different jobs I've had, I can honestly say that I love getting up on a Saturday morning and going to work at an event, displaying the goods and selling them. I love the flexibility; that it actually works around the commitments of family, I have a husband and daughter, own a horse, dog and the other animals, who thankfully don't need all of my attention at the same time. In the last few years I have organised several small craft events. Due to other commitments I have withdrawn from Bullfish, but I regularly attend events as a stall holder and therapist.

Denise Evans

I am married and have two wonderful children. I am involved, not only with Holly Hedge but several other charities. I am interest in tracing my family tree. Not only do I have the children I also have five cats, three of whom are rescues. I like to help people and have become a dementia friend. I have been helping out with Bullfish over the last couple of years, since Heather withdrew, I have become more involved and taken over the advertising.
 Unfortunately due to personal committments Denise has had to withdraw.

History of Bullfish

Heather and Carol met when attending the same craft events.  At one of Heather's own events she asked Carol to help by organising the advertising. We found the experience rewarding and together organised a couple of bigger craft and pamper events in September and October of 2012. As these went reasonably well we decided to continue.

We are both very interested in the various therapies that are now available and we love being able to offer people the opportunity to try something new, that they may not have heard of, or had the chance to try out before.

Any organisation requires a name, we tried several combinations but didn't like any of them. Heather & Sarah (another trader) thought of using our star signs, so 'Bullfish Charity Fayres' was born.

Heather is Taurus and Carol, Pisces.

Unfortunately Heather and Denise have had to withdraw.


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